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With 22 varieties of apples ripening throughout the season at Altonen Orchards, you are sure to find your favorites. Most of the apples in ther farm markets are exceptional fresh-eating apples. Ida Red, Northern Spy, and Rome are also very popular for cooking. We grow some older apple varieties specifically to blend in our cider. Be sure to try some this fall.

The lists below and on the next pages describe each variety. The apples are listed in order of harvest from early August through October.

  • Jersey Mac
    late August
    Jersey Mac resembles 'McIntosh' and is a bright pinkish-red blushed over a green ground color. A very attractive apple with a short season, it can be a great eating apple. It is moderately firm and juicy.
 Jersey Mac

  • Ginger Gold
    September 1
    Crisp, sweet and juicy, Ginger is a new early season favorite. It may be the best of the early season fresh-eating apples.
 Ginger Gold

  • Paula Red
    September 1
    Paula is a Michigan apple discovered near Sparta. A good eating apple and a favorite for back-to-school lunches.
 Paula Red

  • Tydeman Red
    September 1
    A cross between two great dessert apples, (Worcester Pearmain x Red McIntosh, England 1929), Tydeman has a loyal following. It is deep scarlet with dark red streaks, and is an attractive apple that is good for sauce.
 Tydeman Red

  • Mollie Delicious
    early to middle September
    Mollie's parentage is illustrious (Golden DeliciousXGravenstein) X (EdgewoodXClose). A large to very large attractive red apple, Mollie is mild and juicy with a pleasant aftertaste reminiscent of Gravenstein.
 Mollie Delicious

  • Empire
    mid- September
    Empire is a cross between McIntosh and Red Delicious retaining qualities of both parents. Many Empire lovers consider it better than either parent.

  • Gala
    mid- September
    Has a snappy tang with a mellow sweetness. Yellowish, juicy flesh is very firm. Very firm, juicy, fine textured, Yellowish white flesh. Sweet slightly tart flavor

  • McIntosh
    mid- September
    The king of Michigan apples, northern grown Macs are unsurpassed for flavor and juice. McIntosh is a distinctively spicy and aromatic apple that is not like any other variety.

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